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7 GrowthBar SEO Tools for Creating Content that Rank

Do you want to bring organic traffic to your website? Is Google’s failure to notice your content hindering this goal? Then, you need to focus on improving the quality of your content. For that purpose, GrowthBar can immensely help with its exceptional tools. 

7 GrowthBar SEO Tools for Creating Content that Rank

It is the first SEO tool that also assists in AI-based content generation. GrowthBar can help you get a prominent edge over your competitors by creating posts that rank. Not only will it help you bring more traffic, but you can also increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce store. 

Let’s get started with our discussion on the range of tools this platform offers to help you achieve the above goal.  

AI Writing Tool 

Written content is one of the primary aspects of any website. Hence, the top-notch quality of the content is crucial for enhancing SEO rankings. However, much time and effort can go into crafting high-quality blog posts or articles, especially long-form ones. 

7 GrowthBar SEO Tools for Creating Content that Rank

To take this hassle out, you can use the GrowthBar AI writing tool that generates valuable content in a few minutes. Its average word count limit is massive, almost more than 10 thousand for a single post.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about plagiarism. This tool’s algorithm only generates unique information so your site can rank easily on the search engine. Hence, all these features combine to make GrowthBar the highest-rated writing assistant on G2. 

Keyword Research Tool 

The expertise of GrowthBar extends beyond generating unique, high-quality content. You can even use it as a keyword research tool. It can extract billions of keywords on your desired topic, with all having the potential to rank. 

Not just this, you can even evaluate different metrics by using its keyword research tool. For example, this tool displays the search volume and competition ratio of all the phrases it generates.

Furthermore, you can calculate the keyword difficulty score. It indicates how hard it’d be for a term to rank on the search engine.

Keyword Ranking Tool 

Are you heading toward planning an effective SEO content strategy? Remember to use the GrowthBar keyword ranking tool. You must wonder how this differs from the platform’s keyword research feature. 

The keyword ranking tool searches throughout the Google SERP to evaluate which keywords rank on it at a particular time. You can use it by entering thousands of desired keywords and can get real-time results. Moreover, the best part about this tool is its flexibility, as it functions in almost any language.

With all the valuable keyword-related insights that GrowthBar offers, you can surely level up your business’s content strategy. It even allows exporting the data in CSV format. Thus, you can store it for further analysis. 

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Blog Idea Generator 

Do you need help finding interesting ideas to write blog posts on? GrowthBar has got you covered yet again with its blog idea generator tool. You just need to enter a specific keyword, and it will display a list of intriguing topics to cover. 

The best part is that you will have 100% unique Google-ready titles at your disposal. Next, you can cross-reference the idea to ensure it has enough search volume to rank. 

Email Newsletter Generator 

7 GrowthBar SEO Tools for Creating Content that Rank

Undoubtedly, email newsletters are one of the top strategies for ensuring high-conversion rates for a business. However, they must be engaging enough to achieve this goal, or the whole campaign will be void. 

Hence, crafting the newsletters can be time-consuming and resource intensive to ensure top-notch results. Not anymore if you hand over this job to GrowthBar. With its AI tool, this platform can generate 100% human-friendly newsletters in an engaging tone. 

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of a personalised email newsletter. It can yield more significant sales as you’d address people already interested in your service.

Competitor Research Tool 

Spying on your competitors’ SEO approach can let you create strategies that produce results. Through the GrowthBar competitor research tool, you can submit any website and access detailed insights about it. It mainly includes the paid and organic keywords that help your competitors rank on search engines. 

Similarly, it enlists several other metrics, which we will briefly overview: 

  • Google ads keywords, their search volume, and CPC
  • Backlinks that your competitors have used throughout their content 
  • Keywords that bring organic traffic and their respective rankings 

By leveraging these valuable insights, you can stay ahead of your competitors by designing better SEO strategies. 

On-Page SEO Audit Tool 

Getting stuck in the loop of posts that the search engine doesn’t rank is frustrating. There can be several reasons behind this, and GrowthBar can help with each. If the problem is with your content’s readability, you can improve it by importing the article into the text editor.

The editor comprises several rephrasing elements that can help make your content reader-friendly. 

It falls under the GrowthBar on-page SEO audit tool, which also:

  • Suggests keywords 
  • Displays optimal length of content and number of images 
  • Tells how many internal and external links you must use for content optimisation
  • Presents Flesch reading score 

Final Thoughts 

To cut to the chase, if you are a marketer who takes website growth seriously, leveraging GrowthBar can help. It uses AI technology to produce high-quality content while prioritising SEO optimisation. Above all, it features several keyword-related tools to ensure you incorporate only those phrases that can rank.

This way, your site’s position at SERP will improve and receive more organic traffic. So don’t wait long and subscribe to any GrowthBar plan according to your needs. A better search engine position is waiting for your website or eCommerce store.


How does GrowthBar work? 

It is an AI-based platform that functions based on generative artificial intelligence. Moreover, it also uses the advanced natural language processing model for writing long blog posts. You can even optimise the generated content using keywords that this platform’s keyword research tool can extract. 

What is the GrowthBar Chrome Extension?

This feature of every paid GrowthBar plan helps you write AI content directly in WordPress. Additionally, it offers keywords and insights from your competitors when you search it on Google. 

What is the price of GrowthBar?

The GrowthBar pricing ranges from $29 to $129 monthly with a 7-day money-back guarantee. 

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