6 Powerful SEOptimer SEO Tools You Must Know

Do you know a robust SEO tool backs every successful digital business? It makes it straightforward for web owners to bring their websites to the top. While there are many available options in the market, SEOptimer stands unique of all. 

Get Ahead of the Competition with 6 Powerful SEOptimer Tools

This platform offers a free analysis of your site during your first visit. It features many powerful tools you may not find in other SEO providers. So without wasting much time, let’s discuss 6 SEOptimer tools and the reason behind their fame amongst SEO experts.

Keep reading to get deeper insights into this platform’s exclusivity. 

Website Auditing 

When a search engine’s bots crawl websites, they consider many factors to rank them. A site with optimised speed and authentic backlinks will have higher chances of ranking than one that lacks these qualities. Similarly, technical SEO, UI, domain age and authority, and security also matter. 

Using SEOptimer, you can audit your website based on all these crucial factors and fix the issues with them. The best part is that this platform offers comprehensive suggestions for improving the lackings. 

For example, if you run a security audit, it will tell you whether your site complies with SSL and redirects to HTTPS. Then, it will display a list of recommendations simultaneously if there is a scope to improve. 

Wide Range of Customization Possibilities in White-Label Reports 

If you have tried a few SEO tools, you must know that almost each comes with the feature of white-label reports. However, what sets SEOptimer unique is its exceptional customisation capabilities. 

Firstly, it lets you generate reports in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and German. Moreover, you can even personalise the report’s fonts to match your brand. Hence, there are endless possibilities to explore, from their style to colour. 

Similarly, you can also choose which SEO parameters you want to incorporate in the report. SEOptimer takes only 20 seconds to get the report ready. Yet, its quick action is the feature that users like the most.

Lead Generating Tool 

The functionalities of SEOptimer extend beyond basic optimisation tasks. It helps you generate solid leads for better conversion, eventually boosting your sales. 

However, the question is, how does it perform this task? SEOptimer features a unique embeddable SEO audit tool for this purpose. Using it, you can incorporate a branded audit form matching your company’s theme to attract customers. 

Also, the platform notifies you directly in your inbox when a potential lead comes. The alert you receive will contain every minor detail about the customer. Thus, you can use it accordingly for professional betterment. 

Now comes the most favourable part of SEOptimer: its compatibility with various third-party integrations. Be it any CRM tool like MailChimp, Salesforce, etc., you can easily send the generated leads to these platforms.  


SEOptimer is renowned for its unique features, and rightly so. The next on our list is DIY SEO, which you may not find on many platforms. It benefits newbie web owners or someone who owns a small-scale business with few resources. 

This tool goes through your entire website and points out its flaws. Not just this, but this SEOptimer feature even presents easy-to-follow recommendations especially customised for your website type.

Moreover, a part of it is also beneficial for your site’s keyword optimisation. Using it, you can easily monitor the rankings of phrases you incorporate on your web pages. It makes improving your keyword research efforts more accessible, as it’s among the most significant ranking factors. 

Free Search Engine Optimisation Tools 

There are several technicalities involved in website optimisation that you must follow to achieve top SERP rankings. SEOptimer’s extensive toolbox can immensely help you in this scenario.

Moreover, these tools are broader than just a few basic ones. You can find a long list in the Free Tools section on the SEOptimer website. Hence, you can access them without paying a single penny.

Let’s briefly overview a few tools so you can know how it helps. 

Meta Tag Generator: You just need to enter basic details about your site, and this tool will instantly generate optimised meta tags. These tags have a significant role in indexing your web pages. 

CSS Minifier: It is a quick CSS minifying tool to optimise your site’s speed. Similarly, there are JS and HTML Minifiers too. 

Testers: SEOptimer has a long list of tools to check your site’s components. For instance, there’s a title tag, meta description, HTML lang attribute, and Hreflang checker. Meanwhile, you can also utilise keywords, headers, images, and website word count validating features in this section. 

Usability Tools

You can use several usability tools featured on this platform to check your website’s user interface. For example, a responsiveness tester tells how your website performs on mobile devices and tablets. 

Moreover, you can also get detailed insights into the core web vitals. These include your content’s appearance and web pages’ interactivity and visual stability. 

Wrapping Up 

Almost all optimisation tools have basic SEO features like audit, keyword research, etc., but SEOptimer offers something unique. The custom white-label reports, SEO DIY, and comprehensive toolbox give this platform an edge. 

Moreover, auditing and leads-generating features are also top-notch to level up your rankings on different search engines. Additionally, you can use all its features for free for the first two weeks. Even the subscription prices are reasonable enough to fit your budget. So do not think for long and sign up on SEOptimer now to take your website to the heights of search engines. Visit us to learn more.

Does SEOptimer offer a free trial?

Besides providing a list of free SEO tools, this platform offers a no-cost trial on its paid plans. You can use its features for 14 days without paying a single penny to evaluate whether it is worth your money. 

Are SEOptimer free tools safe?

Everything you do on this site is backed by top-notch SSL protection. It does not even store your banking details when you buy its subscription. 

Can I pay on SEOptimer through PayPal?

Unfortunately, the platform only accepts credit card payments. You can not pay through any other means, including PayPal. 

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