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7 Sitechecker Hacks to Boost Your Website’s SEO

Is your website performing poorly on search engines? There could be several reasons behind it. Hence, it is crucial to go to the problem’s root to resolve it. For this purpose, you can leverage Sitechecker, an all-in-one platform that offers valuable suggestions to improve your site’s SEO performance.

7 Ways Sitechecker Enhances your Website's SEO Performance

Moreover, it integrates with Google Analytics to provide data-based insights, allowing you to make informed decisions. Whether identifying broken links or monitoring your SEO strategies, this platform is a pro at everything.

So without wasting your time, let’s explore a few ways Sitechecker can enhance your website’s SEO performance.

On-Page SEO Audit Tool

This platform’s site audit tools are highly valuable as they allow you to check critical errors on your website. By running a website audit using Sitechecker, you can also get insights into your web domain’s overall performance.

Meanwhile, it also allows checking of the Google page speed score, so you can take measures to optimise it. Similarly, it displays how your website performs for mobile users. Some other valuable features that you could evaluate with the Sitechecker website audit tool include the following:

  • HTTPS status codes
  • Image size
  • Title tag and description
  • Google preview
  • Status and order of headers

Knowing all these aspects makes it easier to make the required changes for your website’s search engine optimisation. Moreover, Sitechecker even offers fix suggestions if it detects significant issues during the site audit.

Website SEO Monitor

Sitechecker Enhances your Website's SEO Performance

Implementing an effective SEO strategy is not just enough for your website to perform well on search engines. Instead, you must constantly monitor it to ensure you get the desired results. That is where Sitechecker ultimately helps you. But how?

It analyses single pages of your website to spot any issues with their indexing. Moreover, the SEO monitor even evaluates your competitors’ content strategies and summarises them. Hence, you can follow a similar path toward achieving high SEO performance for your website.

Besides the basic SEO features, this tool offers an opportunity to check the activity of users that visit your site. It helps identify suspicious movements like hacking, letting you take prompt action against them.

Website Crawler Tool

Did you ever have to audit several pages on your website simultaneously? This aspect of technical SEO can be time-consuming if you have to check several web pages’ indexing statuses. Sitechecker can make it easier by generating a website crawl report in a few minutes.

Moreover, its free plan would be ideal if you only need to perform a single site audit. With this, you can generate reports for almost 1,000 scanned URLs on one active website. The cherry on top, there is a convenient option to scale this feature. 

In addition, you must upgrade to Sitechecker’s basic or standard plan if you have a large website. Furthermore, with the paid plans, the email support feature comes complementary.

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Website SEO Checker

You can leverage the Sitechecker website SEO tool to conduct a detailed site audit. It helps enhance your website’s visibility on several search engines. Through this, you can spot technical SEO mistakes and rectify them timely to achieve effective results. 

For instance, Sitechecker has made scanning wrong or missing anchors possible. Meanwhile, it even helps you detect broken links, whether they are external or internal. The functionality of this SEO checker extends beyond these basic features. 

Leveraging this, you can also take the following actions conveniently:

  • Site audit of meta tags for uniform resource locator
  • Test search engine optimisation of the URLs
  • Audit the site ranks of internal pages

This Sitechecker feature automatically checks the status of backlinks you want to use on your website. It is certainly possible that using links from a poor-quality resource hinders your site’s ranking across search engines.

Hence, you must ensure the incorporation of external links with higher domain authority.

This backlink tracker not only analyses the entered link but evaluates the entire profile of the site. Also, you can access it for absolutely free. It can benefit digital marketers by providing details about competitors’ backlinks so they can design a strategy accordingly.

Guest Post Reviewer

This tool is a lesser-known aspect of Sitechecker which lets you audit several blogs to determine the right one for running your SEO campaigns. It also displays the keywords that rank their website so that you can benefit from them.

Meanwhile, you can also determine the website’s overall ranking and domain ratings or authority through this tool.

Keywords Provider

Gone are the days when you struggled to search phrases with the potential to rank. Besides providing site audits and website crawl reports, Sitechecker even offers to generate keywords for your website.

This platform provides a list of secondary and long-tail keywords based on specific topics. 

Wrapping Up

If you want to enhance your website’s SEO performance without extraordinary costs, then SiteChecker is the right solution. The best part is that some of this platform’s significant features are free.

Even the premium tools do not come with a hefty price tag. So paying a few bucks might not be challenging if you are a small business owner.

Of course, the results will be worth every penny when your site generates more traffic. Meanwhile, it will also positively impact your sales, ensuring an increased return on investment rate.

So what’s the wait for? Head on to leverage Sitechecker features now. Better search engine rankings await your website. 

Is there a Sitechecker free plan available?

You can incorporate the Sitechecker Chrome extension icon to improve your site’s rankings. The best part is that it is available for free.

What is the Sitechecker rank tracker?

It is a tool that generates collective stats about keywords that rank on your site. So you can track your performance and improve keyword research based on that.

Does Sitechecker prevent websites from getting hacked?

It cannot directly prevent your website from getting hacked. However, its SEO monitoring tools detect any suspicious activity so you can immediately take action before it becomes a threat.

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