Wrike- A Proper Guide for Business

Do you feel weighed down by your work? Wanna share this toil? Stop worrying. We are here for such a purpose. This article has brought an outstanding medium for you. Have a look at Wrike- a proper guide for business and gain more benefits.

This superb software is designed to lessen your work and share it properly with your team. So if you handle a business either small or on a large scale, hand it over to this useful tool. It will work like a fellow partner. Let’s move towards the article and get more about it.

Is Wrike Good for Your Business?

Suppose you have a marketing team, a professional services agency or are part of a team of creatives. In that case, Wrike has purely customised features not available in any other project management app. 
Wrike is a perfect choice for syncing with developers or working with remote teams. It lets you collaborate with your business partners on a greater level. Plus, its project managing system is just a walk in the park and flexible for every type of business.  

What is Wrike?

Wrike is an American service provider and project managing software founded in 2006. This cloud-based project management tool provides small to enterprise organisations productivity and observability. 

It enables the internal team members to collaborate with external contributors. Wrike not only serves over 20,000 companies but also works in more than 140 countries. It offers general management for IT projects and teams to share work pressure.

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What Does Wrike Do?

Wrike works for collaborative work and project management. It is well for businesses of all sizes. Besides, it offers customised packages for marketing, professional services teams and product development.

It provides a user-friendly dashboard and enterprise-grade tools that manage one-time projects and ongoing tasks. The icing on the cake is that Wrike supports eight languages to make collaboration simpler and easier.


With Wrike, there is no issue with pricing because it doesn`t force you to break the bank. Its simple and affordable plans are divided into different fee structures. Plus, it also offers its users a free plan to take a trial for their business. Let’s see these plans in detail.

Plans Pricing Number of Users Storage space 
Free Free Unlimited –     –
Professional $9.80 per user, per month5 to 2001 GB to 2 GB per seat
Business $24.80 per user, per month5 to 2005 GB per seat
Enterprise Contact for quote 5 to unlimited 10 GB per seat

Prominent Features 

There are a lot of features that make Wrike matchless. These features tell you how necessary this software is for your business. Read the mentioned characteristics carefully and get to know why Wrike is important.

Easy to Use Dashboard

Wrike’s dashboard is ideal compared to other management solutions. It contains three sheets with a consolidated view of the whole workflow. You can see the final details and an overview without ever navigating elsewhere. 

The first pane grants access to all projects, financials, and teams, making it easy to handle resources. The next pane provides functions to create a task, assign that task, and set a due date for each task. Finally, your current tasks are in the far right pane.

Enterprise Functionality

Wrike gives you full access to enterprise-level project management. Within the platform, you will share files, publish your assets, and track time at the individual teams and across projects. 

Plus, the advanced qualities help your business for future growth. On the other hand, it lets everyone get familiar with it before you start using it. You can easily use a bundle of free templates to get started.

Real-Time Analytics

Regardless of the kinds of analytics you want to see, it automatically updates your system. Wrike updates charts, some reports, analytic dashboards and infographics after every 15 minutes. So, you don’t have to bother about looking at outdated information. 

Wrike gives project managers highly a real-time overview of team performance, project statuses, approvals, workload, and tasks waiting on you. It is really a key benefit, especially if you are juggling multiple projects at the same time. 

Department-Specific Solutions

One of the ideal ways to save money and manage departments is to use the same project management software. While some tools are suited for specific departments, Wrike is one of the different and the most versatile. 

From operations and research to content creation and product development, it’s adaptable enough to fulfil the needs of your business. Specialised templates and solutions exist for everyone, including marketers, professional service organisations, and creative teams.  

Custom Request Forms

Whether you already have forms to use in the future, Wrike’s custom form builder creates them more accessible than ever. Wrike suggests using these forms for requests. You can use them just for anything you can imagine. 

A new form automatically assigns a task, populates subtasks, sets a due date based on its submission date, and more. So in simplest words, you can say it is a true time saver that helps you to enhance your business.

Wrike Login

Wrike login is not a big deal. Even if you are a fresher, don’t bother about it. You can join this simple and unique platform at the drop of a hat. Let’s follow some basic steps and be a part of this standard project manager.

  • Go to the site
  • Select “Get Started”.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Set a password.
  • Continue with Wrike

Prose & Cons


  • Free plan for trial
  • Different pricing structures 
  • Flexible template for all kinds of projects
  • Excessive reporting tools
  • Interactive Gantt chart
  • User-friendly task management


  • There is no note-taking tool
  • Expensive for small teams and solo users
  • Missing chat option
  • No changing option for default filter
  • No learning ideas for newbies and small businesses


Every business has a requirement of proper management. So if you are still confused about your project management, hold your horses. No need to worry anymore. We have solved all your anxiety about Wrike, so use this cat’s whisker and make your work more convenient. 

Moreover, share your workload with your collaborators, team members, and peers without any hesitation. This safe and sound platform secures all your private data and allows you to share it globally. Visit somquestblog to learn more.

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