Teamwork- All You Need to Know

Are you searching for a perfect software developer? Looking for a project manager? Hold your water. Here is the end of your labour. This article will explain Teamwork, the top-notch option for your project management and business development.  

Teamwork- All You Need to Know

If you really want to experience the fact that teamwork is the dream work, use this software. It helps you to lessen your workload and manage your business pressure in an organised way. So, let’s dig deep and find more information about Teamwork.

Is Teamwork app Legit?

With the support of millions of users, Teamwork is absolutely legit. The mission of this platform is to make efficient teams that deliver client work organised, profitable and easy. It is a visual solution to help businesses plan, collaborate, manage and accomplish projects.

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is a software developer and company to handle project management. It builds tools for teamwork, communication, help desks, content collaboration, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Website developers Peter Coppinger and Daniel Mackey founded Teamwork in 2007. The company released its flagship software Teamwork Project Manager in the same year. Although it experienced slow growth, it ranks at the top of project management solutions. 

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How Teamwork Works?

Starting a new project is often daunting and troublesome. Some questions always confuse you, like: Where should I begin? How can I pin down the things that need to get done? What’s the perfect way of tracking the progress?

Using the accurate project management tool can help you focus on the task. With Teamwork, you get complete flexibility to structure your programs in a way that effectively works for you.

Teamwork automatically assigns and schedules all the functions as it’s an app. It’s like having a partner or a built-in assistant that remembers all of your preferences. Plus, it reminds you of all the due dates for your projects.

Teamwork Pricing

You don’t have to pay for an arm and a leg to join the Teamwork. It is also available as a free plan. You can get a free trial or business subscription for different-sized teams. These packages are easy to avail. You can understand them from the given table. 

PlansMonthly SubscriptionAnnual SubscriptionUsers
Free ForeverFree Free 1-5

Salient Features 

Today, Teamwork includes 20,000 companies as their clients with the support of more than 4 million users. Plus, it is working across 183 countries. All of this is just because of its remarkable features that highly support its users. Let’s have a look at its characteristics.

Import Project Data

With Teamwork, you can import project data very easily. From the administrative menu of the project, you can select “import tasks” and open the import engine. You are then prompted to select from project-based templates, including product management and client services.

Visualise and Collect Data

The first look at imported project data is the spreadsheet-like table view. Users of Teamwork can opt from 16 built-in column values. Moreover, it limits you to five value types text, date, number, status, and dropdown. 

For rows, users can simply drag-and-drop tasks, mark complete tasks through the checkmark, or open the task`s details. From this task profile, teams will create subtasks and dependencies. They will add files and comments for collaboration purposes. 

Time Tracking

The next most important feature is the Time Tracking feature. It is a righteous feature for developers working with teams and contractors trying to analyse, record, and optimise time-driven tasks. This engine allows you to set expected hours and its description.

Manage Project Workloads

Through its Workload Planner, managers can easily get an overview of workloads among team members. They can evaluate allocated resources and time. The Workload Planner provides project managers with a list of teammates and their workloads in a timescale. 

Apart from it, you can reallocate items to different users once they are added. You will be able to see where your teammates have availability. For higher organisations with different departments using Teamwork, this is a convenient method to visualise workloads.

Access Platform Tools

One of the great features of this handy software developer is its access to the platform tools. This platform offers users access to all its pages like projects, planning, timing and report pages. Get the info and detail of multiple users, companies and teams.

There are some other options to access, such as creating tasks, messages, timers, events, and milestones. Furthermore, you can view your existing, upcoming, and overdue tasks with the help of these tools. So you can redesign your schedule and workload.

How to Get Started in Teamwork?

Stay calm about getting started at; it’s not an uphill battle. You can easily access this platform through the mobile application, the company’s website, and the desktop application. 

You can register from the Teamwork homepage with your business email address, name, and password. Then some adjustments like choosing between industry sectors, company name, team size, role, and phone number. Let’s follow some steps for it. 

  • Join a Teamwork site at
  • Click on get started and proceed to your Teamwork account
  • Set a password
  • Sign up and open your Teamwork account.

Finally, the initial round after your sign-in is to address platform objectives. Manage projects, clients, and team capacity for better understanding. Besides, get started with your first project, add tasks, and select different views.

Teamwork Reviews

Pros & Cons


  • 30-day free trial for Grow and Deliver subscriptions
  • Free unlimited plan for newbies
  • Access to critical third-party tools
  • Built-in Teamwork tools are available
  • Different affordable plans
  • A lot of financial offers for the users
  • It`s an app


  • Its modifications can take some time
  • Some processes require advanced learning
  • No learning documentation is available
  • Freshers have to face some complexities


The time to root around different sites have gone. If you wanna manage your workload through a software developer, don’t delay and try Teamwork. This project management tool assists you with your work and reduces your workload.

So, don’t waste your time and pick up the pace with Teamwork. Its beneficial features help you to improve the quality of your work. Further, you can easily avail of this collaboration in various affordable plans. Visit somquestblog to learn more.

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