Top 5 Ways for SERanking Your Business’s SEO Strategy

Are you looking for a simple-to-use yet results-driving SEO platform to improve the website’s rankings of your agency? Then, SERanking has got your back with its comprehensive and intuitive tools to help with search engine optimisation. 


Whether running a small business or owning a digital agency, this software can be your ultimate SEO solution. Thanks to its easy interface and smooth learning curve, even newbie entrepreneurs can leverage its tools. 

Keyword research, rank tracking, or website audit, just name an SEO aspect, and SERanking has it ready for you. So, keep reading if you want more profound insights into this platform’s valuable tools to level up your SEO.

Here we explore the 5 major ones in this article. So let’s start our discussion without any further delay. 

Content Marketing Tool 

Did you know that content marketing can generate three times more leads than traditional marketing? However, you must implement all the right strategies to avail of this benefit, or your tactics will go void. In that case, SERanking’s content marketing tool can immensely help. 

But how? It enables you to produce value-adding content that’s useful for readers and attracts higher search engine rankings. We can break down the functionality of this tool into the following steps: 

Content brief: Firstly, it creates a content brief for your site after profoundly analysing the search engine result pages. 

Content writing: Then, using artificial intelligence on SERanking, you can generate top-notch, reader-friendly, and comprehensive content. 

Content optimisation: Once you generate valuable articles through AI, it is time to optimise them for the search engine. SERanking lets you perform this by evaluating the content against your competitors. 

Content quality check: In this section, the tool will check several aspects of your content, especially the readability standards. Moreover, it ensures that you have followed all the brief requirements. 

Keyword Rank Tracker 

To ensure that you use the right keywords, knowing how they rank across search engines is crucial. SERanking offers the delivery of comprehensive data on your website’s keyword position.

Moreover, it can even provide similar data for your competitor sites. That’s how you can learn the phrases helping them rank on search engines. 

The best part about the SERanking keyword rank tracker is that it helps you stay updated regarding Google’s updates. This tool lets you learn how the ranking algorithm behaves so you can change your SEO strategy accordingly. 

Furthermore, if you think this platform’s keyword position tracking feature is limited to Google, you are wrong. It can display similar data for several other engines, including Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, etc.

Similarly, you can also evaluate your website’s local rankings or that in any specific location through zip code.

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SERP Analyser 

With SERanking, monitoring your or your competitor’s website’s performance on search engines has become more accessible. Not just this, but you can also explore multiple SEO-related metrics of your competitors.

Moreover, the tips that SERanking offers about ranking can help you become a top organic player in your domain. 

The SERP analyser also lets you optimise your website’s headings, titles, and descriptions. It basically interprets what you should write about to attract more organic traffic.

Additionally, it displays the number of backlinks necessary for your site to enjoy a top spot on search engines. Also, this tool integrates with Core Web Vitals to let you optimise the three significant aspects of your site. These include performance, responsiveness, and visual stability. 

Lead Generator 

Several things matter for an agency to get successful. Meanwhile, lead generation is among the most notable, boosting overall sales. Yet, you can never generate qualified leads without the right tools and strategies. That’s why we highly recommend using the SERanking lead generator

You can utilise it by installing the on-page widget on your website. The widget is customisable, so you can easily match its style with that of your brand. Hence, a few clicks process, and this SERanking tool is ready to collect hot leads for you. 

It basically offers visitors a detailed report about any web page’s technical health by asking for their email. You can then use that list to run your email marketing campaigns.

Through this, maximum results are guaranteed as you’d interact with people who might be interested in your product. 

White Label SEO Tools 

SERanking is an all-in-one hub for agencies seeking to improve their site’s SEO. Amongst all the related features, white-label SEO tools can immensely help in this regard. Through this, businesses can enjoy branded services without any trace of their affiliation with SERanking.

Here are some of the features of white-label SEO tools: 

  • You can use your own domain or subdomain. 
  • This tool allows the addition and management of users by providing them with custom access to different SEO facilities. It mainly includes the rankings section, website performance based on invoicing, and on-page audits. 
  • You can get automated or manual SEO reports that the tool will send from your business email. 

Above all, you don’t need a hosted domain to use this tool. Its presence in the domain registrar account is enough to proceed. 

Wrapping Up 

SERanking is undoubtedly an all-in-one SEO software for agencies and pros, with its exceptional features outlined in this article. However, it does not stop here, as there is much more to explore on this platform for SEO enthusiasts.

Moreover, it is constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of businesses to achieve top-notch search engine optimisation. 

From keyword-related tools to enhancing content marketing tactics, SERanking holds great potential. So, don’t wait long and head on to try its free version. You will surely be on your way to achieving 100% SEO for your agency’s website. 


Is there any free version of SERanking?

Yes, you can try several free features of this platform for 14 days. However, after that, opting for a paid subscription is necessary. 

How to upgrade a plan on SERanking?

Just visit Settings on your account and select Subscription. There you will see an Upgrade a Plan option. Click on it and make the required changes. 

Can I add unlimited users to my SERanking account? 

Yes, you can add as many sub-users to your account as you want. However, this feature is only available for the paid plans, i.e., Optimum, Plus, and Enterprise.

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