Digistore24 Review – Is it Scam or Not

Do you long for a great vacation? Do you want a huge bank account and not to worry about an empty one? Does affiliate marketing attract you too? Well, affiliate marketing comes with a load of hard work and energy. You see ups and downs, struggling to meet the commission deadlines and sell products.

Digistore24 is also such a platform. It works through the Digistore24 affiliate programs and earns its commission from its vendors and affiliates. Digistore24, like other affiliate companies, linger on the young generation that looks for easy money. Such youngsters never understand that earning money requires blood and sweat.

How do I get started as a Digistore24 Affiliate?

There is no fee required to be a member of Digistore 24. The start-up is free, and you can participate in the program in 4 easy steps.
Register yourself at the Digistore24 website.
Select your preferred niche; this generates an affiliate link for you.
Promote the link in your circle and sell your products.
Once you start selling, you begin earning bucks out of your commission.

What is Digistore24?

Digistore 24 is a Europe-based affiliate marketing network. The company utilises automated technology, offering solutions for online sales to German countries. The physical products provided by the company are as minimum as $1. The niche that generates the most sales is the fitness niche

When Digistore24 affiliate marketing comes in, people often need to catch up on the elephant in the room. Their primary focus is to circulate easy money. 

People often consider these strategies a shortcut to their success and need to pay more attention to the bigger picture, whether they can do it or not. Affiliate marketing is an uphill climb that is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Digistore24 Products

It is an affiliate marketing platform where you can earn via referrals. The company makes money by selling products in multiple niches. Some of the niches in which Digistore24 products are fashion accessories, health, fitness, photography, home, garden, etc.

Health and Fitness

There are multiple Digistore24 products in the health niche. Smart blood sugar is a product that has been running since 2014 and is known to maintain blood glucose levels. Similarly, the Keto diet plan is a strategy for sticking to the keto diet without going to every nook and cranny to lose weight.

Home and Garden

Digistore24 products in this niche offer digital products with gardening know-how and gardening DIYs. One such is the Garden Freedom Microcourse, which gives you harvesting hacks. It also guides you on how to grow nutritious foods and fruits in your garden.


This niche offers Digistore24 products regarding tutorials in photography. It also provides courses to master the arts of photography, crafts, and pencil art. Depending on what you choose, the prices range from about $15 to about $50.

Digistore24 Affiliate Pricing

There is no cost to join the Digistore24 Affiliate Program. Yes, it is free. So how does the company earn money? The company, as discussed earlier, makes through affiliations. However, it charges you a commission for each product sold through your affiliate website.

Digistore24 charges a 7.9% commission and a €1 fee. The company maintains its profits through this channel. These charges allow you full access to their services anytime and anywhere. Digistore24 also claims that all products are refundable. All you need to do is send a refund request, and voila! Refund accepted.

Digistore 24 Review

We went through the internet to look for a Digistore24 review. It has received mixed reviews regarding its services and products. We’re attaching a few Digistore24 reviews below.

Pros & Cons


Dashboard Design

Digistore24 offers a user-friendly dashboard. It’s easy to navigate a website for Digistore affiliates or vendors, which improves the surfing experience manifold. Moreover, it is automated impressively.

Vendor Benefits

For a vendor, competition is a challenging game to win. The ball can never be in your court, especially if you sell mediocre products. This company handles all the distribution of your products after you list them. It sets all your sales to funnel and automates the sales processes for ease of use.

Benefits for Affiliates

Digistore24 claims a lot of potential for its Digistore affiliate programs. They provide a platform for selling digital and physical products under their umbrella. Affiliate applications are scrutinised and approved if they meet the required criteria. The commission rates range between 15% to 90%, and the minimum payout can be as low as $50.


Limited products

Unlike other affiliate networks, the company offers a limited range of products. Their primary market comes from the fitness niche, which only narrows the marketing segment to a particular niche. Many categories have only one or no products listed.

Technical issues

Technology has been upgraded by leaps and bounds. People now don’t like glitches or sudden crashes on their apps and websites. Digistore24 sometimes becomes glitchy with a black screen upon opening the app. It sometimes requires rebooting your phone or reinstalling the app after uninstalling it.

Quality of Products

The quality of the products is the driving force for any company. If the products sold aren’t valued, the audience turns deaf to you and your promotions being called for sales generation.

Most products Digistore24 reviews under its name are rated two stars out of 5. It indicates low-quality products, be they digital or physical products. The transparent rating system on their website does raise many red flags.

Is It a Scam?

It is hard to give a verdict here. Making money with the Digistore24 affiliate program is easier said than done. The company does make it sound funny, but it’s not funny to begin with.

Driving traffic to your affiliate link, taking orders, running Google Ads, and backlinking, a lot of work is involved in bringing in serious buyer traffic.

There’s much work done upfront, but that never guarantees success. Plus, the commission payouts are small.

Imagine grinding yourself to the ground for months, getting an order payout of a mere $50. Is it worth the time? It is better to avoid putting yourself in the pothole of such companies and getting disheartened.

Final Thoughts

Digistore24 is a platform for listing multiple digital and physical products to sell. If you are into affiliate marketing, it might be a good platform. But remember, everything that shimmers is not gold. Refrain from diving so deep into the system that you find no way back and cannot sell the products.

Selling products to your referrals is easy. Your friends and family are always your first buyers. Once these people have their hands on your products, creating new affiliates becomes troublesome.

You lose your confidence and think about what to do next. It’s better only to enter the system if you know how affiliate marketing works. Visit somquestblog to learn more.

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