Best Review of FBA Prep Centre in the UK

What is FBA prep? Fulfilment by Amazon, or FBA, is a service provided by third-party centres to inspect, pack, and send orders to Amazon. Amazon has a heap of sellers that send their inventories to Amazon centres for selling purposes. The items are stored in the warehouses until sold. As one places an order, Amazon sends the stock to the customer. 

Amazon has a global presence, selling and constructing facilities in numerous countries. Amazon has a vast market, mainly in the UK and the USA. This article discusses the FBA prep centre, FBA prep fees, and everything you need to know, mainly in the UK.

Is it necessary to send products to FBA Prep Centre first?

When you start selling on Amazon, be it arbitrage, wholesale, or private label, there is a lot of prep and packaging. Creation of shipments, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)  labels, and product packaging as per Amazon’s guidelines. All this work is a pain in the neck. 

To avoid all the struggle and focus on taking the amazon business to new heights, the prep centre in the UK comes to the rescue. All the packaging material, packaging, putting on the labels and barcodes, inspection—everything is taken care of by teams of professionals.

Benefits of Using FBA Prep Centre

Use of FBA prep UK benefits your Amazon business manifold. If you need to learn about these services, we are here to help.

Amazon’s name is associated with your products. Customers prefer quality and guarantee, and having customers’ trust in Amazon’s services helps run your business.

You get 24/7 customer service management from Amazon to handle your products, their returns, refunds, etc. However, a processing fee is charged every month to the seller.

It saves time by outsourcing the hassle to FBA prep UK shipping experts; this helps you focus on other products and sources.

It manages the space in your store or warehouse because home-based business takes up a lot of space. De-cluttering these products to the FBA prep centre in the UK and then to Amazon helps sort space for new products.

No need to buy packing supplies such as cartons, tape, bubble wrap, or shipping labels. Moreover, purchasing heavy machinery to do so is optional.

You can also scale your business using FBA prep centre services as you have time to hunt new products.

Your inventory is sold in less time as you have given bulk work to the Amazon FBA prep centre. They work faster as they have a team of workers, unlike you only will have yourself to do so.

Some FBA prep centre is tax-free states, so you save the tax by sending the inventory to the following state.

Amazon FBA prep centre ensures adequate packaging even if you are selling your products in bulk or as a deal.


Qualities of Best FBA Service UK

Before selecting the Amazon FBA prep centre in the UK, there are certain factors one should know about. These factors will free you from the nightmare of searching every nook and cranny for potential and better services.

  • Location FBA Prep Center

The location should ideally be close to the shipping centre; this ensures lower shipping costs. If you import inventory from China, an FBA prep UK centre near the shipping area will save money on shipping products.

  • Price of FBA Prep Center

The price should justify the service in UK Amazon FBA prep centres. A lower price only sometimes means quality service. The  FBA prep company should be reliable and trusted. Compare prices for multiple centres before going to one.

  • Time Required to Prep a Product

Time is money. Sellers ensure the inventory is up and running in the store on Amazon. No one will take the risk if the Amazon FBA prep centre takes too long. Keeping the hopes high, the fastest time for a UK FBA prep centre to send the inventory to Amazon is 24 to 48 hours.

  • Climate Controlled FBA Prep Centre

For products or goods that require adequate temperatures, such as foods or other items prone to extreme weather conditions, a climate-controlled FBA Prep centre facility is an ideal choice.

  • Freedom from Packaging

The FBA Prep centre allows you to focus on other essential tasks and relax. You are free from all packaging, managing inventories, and shipping them to Amazon. Moreover, the space in your home and garage is at your disposal.

Many sellers consider using the FBA prep centre UK services a massive expense. Little do they know how much it benefits them. Outsourcing the packaging and all its hassle sighs relief. It is worth every penny to have the time to explore more products and expand the business.

Watch this video: Make Money On Amazon The Ultimate How To Start FBA OR FBM

FBA Prep Fee in the UK

The prices in the UK FBA prep centre vary based on product size, packaging, and other factors. These prices include the cost to receive, pack, and ship. The rates for FBA prep UK can be hourly or per piece. Some FBA prep companies charge a basic outline fee for inspecting your products, while others bury the hatchet, saying it is a complimentary service.

Remember, a complimentary service may cover the charges for other services. Many FBA prep centres in the UK consider the inspection to be in their hands, regardless if it is being shipped to consumers, Amazon, or any other retail store.


A key benefit of having an FBA prep centre partnered with you is effectively storing all inventory under one system. It helps you understand where every unit is available and delivered. A multichannel fulfilment partner should also be able to work with different marketplaces and not just one platform.

In the UK, the FBA prep centre looks for the one that clears the air of confusion by stating easy pricing strategies. The FBA prep centre should be specialised in the retail store you work in. Each store has specific requirements for packaging, and any rejection from them wreaks havoc. Be sure of everything beforehand and look for a reliable FBA prep centre. Visit somquestblog to learn more.

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