4 Best SEObility Tools for Better Web Performance

Are you struggling with your website’s search engine optimisation as a beginner? For newbies, facing many problems on the road to achieving top SERP rankings is common. Fortunately, SEObility can take away all your worries with its comprehensive tools. 

4 Must-Try SEObility Tools for Better Web Performance

Unlike platforms that restrict their free plans to a few searches, it offers to check up to 1,000 subpages of your website. Even the paid plan on this platform is available for under €50.

Moreover, all your money will be worth it when your website reaches the top search engine position. So, let’s not delay further and dig deeper into 4 SEObility tools to learn about their exceptional capabilities.

Website Auditing Tool

As a website owner, it is crucial to understand that even minor mistakes can hinder your way towards success. It could be related to any component of your website, including meta tags, structure, content, etc.

To achieve top rankings, you must first recognise the root cause of the problem and then resolve it. It is where SEObility comes into play. It comprises a tool that can crawl your website and pinpoint significant issues.

The primary target of this web auditing process is the SEO of your website. If you think the role of SEObility ends here, you need to be more accurate in its capabilities.

Alongside presenting a comprehensive audit of 300 web metrics, it even provides tips to fix the issues. Here’s a brief breakdown of this platform’s website auditing categories: 

  • Detects issues in meta tags, URLs, and other technical aspects of your site.
  • Checks your site’s structure from two central points of view, i.e., search engine and visitors. This category also explores problems in internal linking, anchor texts, etc. 
  • Spots keyword cannibalisation, i.e., duplicate content on your website

Rank Tracking Tool

Keeping track of your site’s rankings is as important as implementing a robust SEO strategy. Without this, you will never know whether your tactics are working or if you need to improve them.

Moreover, keeping a close eye on the rankings of the keywords that you incorporate in your content is equally crucial. For this, you can completely trust the SEObility Keyword Rank Monitoring tool.

Not only does it offer updated reports of this particular metric, but it also provides examples of optimisation potential. The latter suggestions can be of immense help in improving specific rankings. 

Furthermore, the rankings SEObility offers are not restricted to desktops. You can also access the data of mobile search results based on similar factors.

In addition, the reports on this platform also display in-detailed evaluations of your competitors. But how does this platform perform this task so accurately? It runs an on-page analysis of your site and combines it with your rankings on search engines. 

Moving forward, the next SEObility tool on our list performs seamless backlink analysis. However, before digging into its capabilities, it is essential to understand why backlink monitoring is necessary. 

The search engine can de-rank your site if you insert links from unauthorised sources into your content. It is one of the biggest nightmares of website owners. Hence, keeping track of the external links is critical, confirming each one has high domain authority. 

You can use the SEObility Backlink Analysis and Monitoring tool to ensure this. It can help you evaluate the complete link status of your website. Thus, you can instantly remove the harmful ones.

Additionally, it displays the link profile of your competitors. Using these valuable insights, you can devise a perfect backlink strategy. 

This monitoring tool shows all the related metrics on a dashboard with an easy-to-navigate interface. Moreover, everything is arranged clearly for better understanding. For instance, you can view the following categories here: 

  • Link source 
  • Link type 
  • Nofollow/follow
  • Link target 
  • Rating algorithm 

Keyword Research Tool 

You can only attract organic traffic to your website if your keyword game is strong. Hence, you must incorporate keywords with high search volume in your content. It is especially crucial for ranking and traffic retaining purposes. 

Besides finding the right keywords, you can use the SEObility keyword research feature for many other valuable purposes. For example, it lets you check each phrase’s top 10 Google search results.

Moreover, you can also extract necessary details with a single click. Monthly traffic, the number of backlinks, and domain rating are some valuable metrics to explore. 

Another reason to use the SEObility keyword research tool is its ability to analyse the competitor’s site. It displays the list of ranking keywords of your web opponents. Along with this, you can also find about targeted phrases that they use to drive success to their ad campaigns.

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Summing Up 

Many SEO tools are available on the internet to enhance your website’s rankings online. However, most ask for hefty subscription fees, which might not fit your budget. Even the free plans restrict the services to limited figures leading to non-fulfilment of your needs.

That’s where SEObility can be your ultimate saviour. This platform offers to check 1,000 subpages for free. Meanwhile, you can also use its keyword research, rank tracking, and backlink monitoring tools to drive success.

So don’t wait long and sign up now. There would be no better chance to revolutionise your SEO efforts with a tight budget.


Is SEObility free?

You can use SEObility tools like SEO checker, keyword ranking, and SEO comparison without spending a penny. Just create an account, and you are good to go. However, the free plan has a limitation that lets you check only 1,000 subpages. 

What types of websites can I check on SEObility?

There are no general restrictions on the types of websites. You can check anything from a blog to an e-commerce store and news-based website. This platform is suitable for sites having several sub-pages. 

How long does SEObility take for website auditing?

The audit duration can vary according to the number of sub-pages on your website. Moreover, the loading time of your website also plays a significant role in this.

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