5 Long Tail Pro Tools to Leverage for #1 SERP Rankings

Are you planning to revolutionise your content’s SEO by incorporating long-tail keywords? Then look no further than Long Tail Pro, currently the best long-tail keyword planner. Moreover, the capabilities of this platform extend beyond comprehensive keyword research.

5 Long Tail Pro Tools to Leverage for #1 SERP Rankings

It features several other tools that can help you take your website towards better rankings.

Whether performing backlink analysis or auditing your site, Long Tail Pro excels at everything. Also, its reporting feature is exceptional, which helps monitor your keywords’ ranking on the SERP. 

In this article, we will dig deeper into the 5 tools featured on this platform and their functionality. So without wasting time, let’s get started. 

Keyword Research Tool 

It is one of the most impressive Long Tail Pro tools that can help you streamline your SEO tactics. Besides basic research, it even helps find the most effective and results-driving long tail keywords. 

Long Tail Pro

It will undoubtedly increase the clicks and organic traffic to your website. According to research, keywords with two to five words had 70-80% conversion rates as these keywords hold more specific details.

Moreover, a user who searches through a long-tail term is more likely to have buyer intent. You just need to enter a seed keyword to use this Long Tail Pro tool.

It will display a list of 4000 relevant long-tail phrases within seconds. The best part about this tool is that it lets you group the keywords by filtering them out. 

SERP Analyser

Long Tail Pro

Analysing your web ranking on SERP is crucial to improve your SEO efforts. It is where you can take assistance from Long Tail Pro with its SERP analyser tool.

Using it, you can track the search engine positions of almost 200 keywords at once. Moreover, it also emphasises some primary marketing metrics, which you can utilise to bring the best results for your site.

Additionally, this SERP tool functions as a competitor analyser as well. From their backlinks to ranking keywords, you can extract everything at your fingertips. And then design your strategies accordingly to achieve top search engine positions. 

Long Tail Pro is a hit because its comprehensive tools serve several purposes. For example, the functionalities of the SERP analyser extend beyond the features mentioned above.

In fact, it can even perform your website’s analysis and can display its overall performance. Hence, you can evaluate your site’s organic traffic potential and apply techniques accordingly.

Give this article a read to learn more about SEO: How to Use SurferSEO: A Comprehensive Guide

Research states that websites with #1 search engine rankings have 3.8 times more backlinks than other top sites. That’s why we highly recommend incorporating as many external links as possible in your content. 

However, it’s also essential to regularly monitor them to get the best out of this strategy. It’s where Long Tail Pro comes into play. With its backlink analyser, you can conveniently maintain link equity.

But how? This tool lets you detect and fix the broken links to your site in a few seconds. Moreover, it can also analyse the backlinks against vital parameters.

Anchor text distribution, citation and trust flow are to name a few. Finally, the backlink analyser can help you identify content that outperforms others. It conducts this survey by checking the inbound links in your content. 

Website Audit 

Many website owners go through a point when all their SEO efforts fail. However, the good news is that a complete site audit can take you out of this trouble.

Using Long Tail Pro, you can quickly identify the common issues that act as obstacles to your digital success. Not just this, but it also helps fix them instantly. 

For example, you can detect how the incoming traffic surges impact your site’s speed. Does it perform at a high pace or slow down? If the latter, you can scale your website’s traffic-holding capacity. So there’d be a lower bounce rate due to slow speeds.

Similarly, this tool lets you spot problems with crawling, indexing, and internal linkings for quick fixation. Lastly, it offers trending ideas related to your niche for writing new content, which is helpful for internal linking optimisation. 

Rank Tracker 

Besides the SERP analyser, the Long Tail Pro rank tracker is a robust reporting tool. It sends updated ranking reports directly to your inbox weekly. The reports are based on several advanced metrics many rank-tracking tools may lack. 

What sets this tool apart is that it tells you how close you are to achieving the top SERP positions. It can motivate you to continue with the current strategies. Or improve the SEO tactics if your site is far from the #1 rank. 

Wrapping Up 

Long Tail Pro is one of the most effective keyword research platforms currently available. Although we have discussed its 5 tools in this article, these are comprehensive enough to cover all your SEO needs. 

The research capabilities are endless, from tracking the keyword’s rank to your site’s SERP position. Moreover, there is a long-tail keyword research tool as well to retain visitors with the intention to buy. 

So don’t wait long and subscribe to a Long Tail Pro plan now. Using its tools, you can get the most out of your SEO tactics. That’s how you can drive your website to the top rank across several search engines. 


Does Long Tail Pro display global search volume?

Currently, this platform has no tool to determine the global volume of your desired keywords. However, it is one of the most accurate sources for evaluating local search volume. For this, Long Tail Pro relies on two authentic services, so there are minimum chances for errors. 

How to cancel a Long Tail Pro subscription?

You must visit its application to cancel your paid subscription on this platform. Then navigate to the Billing Information section. There you can find the option to cancel your subscription. The system will process it immediately.  

How to apply coupons to my Long Tail Pro account?

You can visit the Billing Information section to do so. First, click on the Change Plan button and then Add Coupon. Finally, enter the promo code and select Apply Coupon to proceed. 

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