7 Best Features to Revolutionise Your Outreach Strategy

Are you tired of spending countless hours sending outreach emails with little success? Then, consider using Pitchbox, an all-in-one link-building software. The features that this platform offers have the potential to revolutionise your outreach strategy. Moreover, it integrates with top SEO providers to easily find authoritative publishers.

7 Pitchbox Features to Revolutionise Your Outreach Strategy

With its customisable emails and automatic follow-ups, you can observe a boost in response rates like never before. In addition, it lets you track your campaigns’ performance by displaying real-time reports. So you can conveniently refine your strategy for maximum efficiency and results.

So, without further ado, let’s dig deeper into the 7 features of Pitchbox that can benefit businesses of all scales. 

Pitchbox, a full-stack platform, offers advanced prospecting opportunities for strong link building in a limited period. Firstly, it lets you conduct a search-based campaign in real time. With this, you can easily discover relevant blogs and articles in any domain on SERP. You can utilise them effectively as a source of finding quality backlinks afterwards. 

Pitchbox Features to Revolutionise Your Outreach Strategy

Moreover, this platform also lets its users import domains from other SEO tools. Hence, you don’t have to disturb your current workflow. Also, you can manage your database network based on your existing relationships on Pitchbox. 

This feature makes it one of the most versatile and customisable link outreach software currently available in the market. 

Effective Campaign Management 

Running several campaigns simultaneously to increase your business’s outreach is crucial. However, managing them all together can be challenging unless you use Pitchbox. This platform has a separate section for this feature, where you can view all your active campaigns. Moreover, it lets you access the performance criteria based on multiple parameters. 

Let’s briefly overview the campaigns you can run through Pitchbox: 

Blog category search: Lets you find blog websites related to your niche. You can then reach them out for promotional purposes. 

Product Reviews: Help scan the web to locate reviews on products and services similar to what you sell. 

Blogger outreach: An ideal tool to reach influential bloggers who can promote your services in the target market. 

Link removal: A reach-out campaign for eliminating spam and unrequired backlinks.  

The link monitoring tool is a comprehensive Pitchbox feature that lets you access several link-related stats from a single place. For example, you can view the status of the backlinks, like whether they are actively working or broken. Moreover, it also provides visibility into the number of links you acquire through emails and events. You can also see the links you lost.

In addition, Pitchbox allows you to remove the broken ones effectively in a few minutes. You just need to insert the URLs to do so manually. Furthermore, it allows direct import of the list to save a lot of your time. 

Comprehensive Reporting 

Keeping track of your campaign’s performance is crucial to ensure that your efforts drive results. Pitchbox can assist you in doing this through its report-generating tool.

From opportunity count to outreach progress and beyond, this feature displays all valuable progression metrics in one place. Moreover, it also offers access to detailed reports on your team’s performance. Through this, you can easily learn the frequency of efforts every team member puts into their respective campaigns. 

There are multiple reporting sub-sections. Let’s briefly overview them: 

Client report: Helps produce white-label reports for your customers/clients. 

Custom field report: Lets you generate reports based on custom metrics, just as you want. 

Segmenting report: It’s for segmenting campaigns, emails, and audiences to get better visibility into the overall progress of KPIs

Management report: Helps compare yearly data to evaluate the progress. Moreover, it also lets you monitor your goals.

Allows Multiple Campaigns

You will need to arrange multiple campaigns simultaneously for your business to succeed. However, switching from one platform to another to fulfil them can be overwhelming.

Not anymore if you subscribe to Pitchbox. This platform lets you arrange, monitor, and track several campaigns from centralised software. Hence, there’s no need to go through a complicated workflow to accomplish your goals. 

Powerful Pipeline 

Another Pitchbox feature on our list is a pipeline which offers insights into the tactics that make your campaigns successful. It allows this by displaying the history of your campaigns.

Thus, you can easily discover the successful and those who failed. Moreover, it lets you pinpoint the respective factors to streamline your further strategies accordingly. 

Organised Email Workflow 

Pitchbox Features to Revolutionise Your Outreach Strategy

Once you reach out to your prospects, there will likely be a need for follow-up emails. For this, Pitchbox offers a Chasebox for the construction of email sequences. Here you can enter the list of emails and set mail templates priorly. 

The system will then automatically send emails to potential leads. In case they don’t respond, it will follow up with another email to ensure you get maximum responses. 

Pitchbox also lets you organise the email list by adding or re-arranging the contacts as you want. Moreover, the contact book contains not only the perspectives’ emails but other details regarding them. Therefore, you can send targeted emails for better responses. 

Wrapping Up 

Every Pitchbox feature, whether advanced prospecting profiles, customisable outreach emails, or detail tracking capabilities, is crucial to your business’s success. Hence, you can use it to reach out to the most influential bloggers in your niche to achieve successful campaigns. 

This software’s easy-to-use interface greatly suits beginners. Moreover, even experts can retain maximum benefits from its outreach features. So what’s the wait for? Purchase a suitable Pitchbox plan now and start your journey towards results-driving marketing of your business. You can even opt for a free trial before making any monetary commitments. Visit us to learn more.


What is Pitchbox pricing?

There are two pricing plans on this platform. The Professional Plan costs $495 monthly, while the Enterprise Plan’s monthly charges are around $1350. 

What business types can benefit from Pitchbox?

Irrespective of their expertise level, all link builders and outreach teams can leverage this platform. Moreover, even big brands and SEO agencies can drive success to their business using Pitchbox. 

Does Pitchbox limit the number of links that I can store in my account?

No, you can store unlimited links on your account regardless of your pricing plan. 

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