Stripe: A Secure Online Payment Platform

Are you a business that relies mainly on online payments? Are you on the hunt for a good and secure platform for your online payments? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are to discuss stripe payments and reviews on Stripe. This article will help you gain more knowledge about Stripe.

Stripe is a payment method used by several online stores and customers as a payment gateway. It offers a simple channel to send and receive stripe payments online. Checkout with Stripe is like child’s play. Stripe payment methods include all significant debit and credit cards along with Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other payment methods for ease of use.

Does Stripe accept payments around the globe?

Yes, Stripe accepts payments in more than forty countries for multiple businesses. It also accepts payments of more than 135+ currencies, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay etc. Stripe payment methods also accept all major debit and credit cards as payment options.

How Stripe Works

You can choose from its standard offers or customised e-commerce business plans once you sign up with Stripe. There are plugins to download to help process payments, and use its dashboard to track your received amounts.

You also get access to other services from Stripe. It includes invoices, billings and identity protection. Moreover, Stripe also offers inventory management tools and integration with QuickBooks, depending on the type of service chosen by customers.

Who Should Use Stripe Payments Methods?

Stripe is the best viable option for businesses mainly striving for online payments. We’ve cumulated a short list of whom Stripe payments are the best option. Read below:

Global Presence of Business

As stated earlier, Stripe login allows you to accept payments across 135 currencies worldwide. These include tech giants such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay.

Online Payments

Stripe has led the online business industry with its Point of Sales systems. It offers unique features like open application programming. Its acceptance of multiple currencies globally provides easy access to business owners.

Software Developers

Stripe payments allow customisation of the checkout page. Having a developer in the team of your business helps you with easy customisation of checkout with Stripe.

Stripe Fee

Stripe doesn’t charge a monthly fee for its services. It charges as per transactions from its customers. Stripe charges a 2.9% service fee and 30 cents for online purchases. Regarding currency conversion rates, it charges 1% of the amount as currency conversion and international transaction rates.

Stripe Reports 

Stripe payment methods also offer a tool to report and manage your business and expenses. The reports include Stripe payments, refunds, and disputes in your settlements with customers. You can also look for a custom range report with its tool. The Stripe login dashboard has all the information on these payments.

Reviews on Stripe

Reviews on Stripe services are mixed. People have rated in both ways, i.e. positively and negatively. It has been rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on the internet. We have compiled some reviews on Stripe here that are useful for our readers.

Checkout with Stripe

Checkout with Stripe is an easy-peasy job. It is because it has a low code customised payment page for each business. It also features a PCI-compliant integration in its system. Stripe uses Captchas and validation of cards as a safety feature. During the checkout with Stripe, multiple language support integration for ease of use for foreigners is also available.

Pros and Cons


  • Low Pricing than others

Stripe offers a less expensive transaction system than any of its competitors. The monthly charges presented are none, and it charges 30 cents per transaction from its consumers.

  • No Setup or Maintainance Fee

As discussed earlier, Stripe has no monthly charges included in the Stripe plans. It is, therefore, preferred by small and seasonal businesses.

  • Integration of Systems

Stripe platform allows full integration of its software into your business. It offers Point of Sale (POS) services for merchant accounts.

  • Easy Signup

The signup is a relatively easy nut to crack. It is an easy process, and the account gets approval within a matter of time. However, the POS systems may take a while to get them shipped to you.

  • Customisation

Stripe has a customised checkout page and payment integration for each business. It allows you to create a custom package to meet your requirements at affordable pricing.


  • Chargeback Fees

Stripe charges you a full refund and a penalty of up to $15 if you process a fraudulent transaction; this may even cost you the loss of your delivered product if you own a business.

  • Suspended Accounts

Slight mismanagement of transactions or your account activity may lead to the suspension of accounts. Unless these may resolve, you may not be able to accept future Stripe payments.

  • Setup is Complex

You may need a developer in your team to help with the customisation process; you may be in hot water doing so alone.

  • Tax Services

Stripe only covers your tax problems partially. Calculation of taxes may require an additional service of an accountant.

Stripe VS PayPal

Like Stripe, Paypal is also a card processing or payment gateway platform. But, a significant difference here is that PayPal is more like a digital wallet, whereas, Stripe is a provider of merchant services.

Checkout with Stripe is customisable. You can create the checkout flow per your needs, but you may need developer knowledge. Stripe also provides a document to help you go through the process for the said. On the other hand, PayPal does not offer customisation for the checkout process while shopping.

Stripe is a better option if you want to accept multiple forms of payments, either online or in person or can, say, in-store purchases. Paypal, on the other hand, can be used by small businesses to send in invoices and receive payments.


Stripe payment methods are known to be the heavy hitters to its competitors in the business industry. For E-commerce businesses and start-ups, Stripe has been a go-to, as it provides a no monthly charge plan, so there’s less to risk for. It also integrates with QuickBooks to keep your records updated.

Stripe has gained 4.2 stars on the internet with its quality of service and customer feedback. But before spending out of pocket, ensure it meets your requirements. The tools it offers are of any use to you? It may be the best deal for you if it meets all your needs to your heart’s content. Visit somquestblog to learn more.

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