Calendly: An Automated Software to Schedule Meetings

Do you want to make it easier for your business to set up meetings? Sign up for the Calendly software and watch the improvised communication between clients and the team. It has a powerful free version with top-notch appointments and meeting scheduling tools. Even the Calendly pricing plans fall in an economical range. 

So, let’s discuss this software’s essential aspects in this article.

What is Calendly?

Calendly is private scheduling software that has been effective since 2013. It has been highly popular as a business communication platform for a decade. It helps schedule business meetings while keeping the team connected to all the clients.

Moreover, its worth in 2021 was around three billion dollars, which speaks volumes of its success as a software service. This freemium software is ideal for individuals and teams, as you can personalise everything accordingly. Also, there are some powerful tools to simplify the meeting scheduling process.

These include custom alerts, group meetings, multiple integrations, end-to-end data encryption, and trends. Moreover, its intuitive interface makes it one of the most popular communication software. 

How Does Calendly Work?

Calendly has a beginner-friendly interface that lets you schedule multiple event types conveniently. Upon creating an account, you can access three pre-built events of different durations, lasting 15-minutes to an hour.

Moreover, you can quickly customise the settings to suit your preferences. From the event’s title to the description and availability, you can give every aspect a personal touch. 

Calendly offers a unique link for every meeting, which adds to the workflow’s ease. It helps you produce effective business outcomes by scheduling productive meetings.

Also, this software features a Chrome extension for quick meeting opportunities. Thus, you can share the links quickly with all the potential attendees in a short turnaround time. 

How to Get Started at Calendly?

It’s not complex for new users to sign up at Calendly. The following easy steps can help you become a quick member of this scheduling app: 

  • The first step is to set up your account. You can enter all the required details like your or your company’s name and picture. 
  • Connect your account to your business’s calendar by navigating to Calendar Connections. You can connect multiple calendars simultaneously. 
  • Select a video conferencing platform from available integrations, like Zoom, Google Meet, and more. 
  • Set up your Calendly schedule in the next step. You will get multiple options to customise the meeting hours. 

To Create a New Event: 

  • Visit the Home Page and navigate to Create
  • Select the type of event you want to schedule. You can select from different options like one-on-one, group, and collective meetings. 
  • You can customise multiple factors of the selected event type. It includes its name, location, and description. 
  • Finally, you have scheduled an event successfully. Now you can share your Landing Page link to attendees to select from the available events.

Features of Calendly

Calendly helps businesses streamline meeting scheduling through multiple exceptional features. We have discussed some of them below: 

Data-driven Trends 

The analytical game of Calendly is solid. It displays trends, reports, and charts based on multiple factors. You can use this easy-to-understand data to optimise your business’s scheduling activities. 

Meeting Polls

Calendly is a two-in-one platform that sends polls along with scheduling meetings. This feature saves a lot of your time. You can even save some money usually spent on polling-related tools. It helps give an insight into meeting hours that most employees prefer. 

Wide Range of Integrations 

Calendly features almost 70 third-party apps and browsers to support smooth workflow. A few commonly featured CRMs include Hubspot and Salesforce. This feature helps keep the meeting data in sync. 

Mobile Application

Calendly’s mobile app is available on Android and iOS. You can use it to book meetings while on the go. It also helps you keep updated with all the meeting-related details, even when you are away from the desk. 

Pros and Cons of Calendly

Here are a few pros and cons of Calendly: 


  • Beginner friendly, easy to use 
  • Allows scheduling all event types
  • It lets you customise the profile according to your brand 
  • Easy-to-use mobile application
  • It helps improve communication between clients and teams


  • Limited personalisation options 
  • Expensive for larger teams 

Calendly Pricing Plans

At Calendly, you will find four different plans. Besides a lifetime free subscription, you can try out three other plans to access some leading features. 

The following are details on all the Calendly pricing plans:

  • Basic plan – free of cost 
  • Essentials – $8 per seat per month – famous for top-notch automation 
  • Professional – $12 per seat per month – popular for vast customisation possibilities 
  • Teams – $16 per seat per month – famous for better team collaborations

Final Thoughts

Calendly can help you schedule business meetings more effectively. It lets you arrange multiple types of events, customise them, and add them directly to the calendar. Performing all these tasks from a single place can save many of your precious hours every week.

Moreover, the list of valuable integrations and a mobile phone app makes things easier for you. So, do you want to focus on expanding your business by streamlining this workflow? Subscribe to Calendly’s paid plan or use its primary tools for free to get some exceptional benefits. Visit somquestblog to learn more.

Is Calendly free?

A: Calendly has a free plan, but it has limited features. You must subscribe to their paid plans to access advanced features. You can visit here to get details on reasonable Calendly pricing plans. 

How to download invoices at Calendly?

A: You will receive all invoices at the connected email address. If you miss any, contact the Calendly support centre to access them quickly. 

Which software wins between Calendly and Doodle?

A: Although both software feature similar tools for meeting schedules, Calendly gets a prominent edge over Doodle for its more than 70 native integrations. Moreover, you’d find more teamwork functionality on Calendly compared to Doodle. 

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