Skillshare: A Reputable Online Learning Platform

Are you looking for an online platform to boost your knowledge and professional skills? You might wonder which platform suits your professional and entrepreneurial learning and teaching. Fortunately, you don’t need to join a full-fledged college degree at this age. Platforms like Skillshare allow you to flex cognitive muscles from the comfort of your home.

There is a plethora of online learning platforms available in the market. Choosing the right one is crucial for your success. They charge little to no money and offer courses and videos for different categories of skills. In this Skillshare review, we’ll discuss all its ins and outs. Let’s get stuck in. 

How can you say that Skillshare is worth trying?

Skillshare offers a wide variety of online videos, often named classes. Access is unlimited and contains a mix of skill development and aspirational learning content. Even you can earn money selling your content. 
Moreover, the pricing of Skillshare is cheap, consisting of a low-cost premium membership and a 7-day free trial for new users. In its essence, it’s the best platform for professionals and entrepreneurs and is worth checking out.

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online platform for students and professionals to learn from educational videos. One benefit of this platform is its flexibility. One can learn and boost skills in a self-paced manner with a self-guided setting. Courses are available and can be availed mostly with a subscription. 

Courses include many categories like entrepreneurship, arts, design, technology, and more. One unique thing about Skillshare is that it is more focused on community. Skillshare offers its users the opportunity to learn by completing projects. Moreover, finding relevant courses is relatively easy as thousands of courses are available. 

One downside of Skillshare is that you’ll get no certification upon completing a course. Skillshare is neither a school nor a college, so no accreditation exists. Michael Karnjanaprakrn and Michael Ong started the platform in 2010, intending to help people polish their skills and improve their knowledge.

Skillshare: A Reputable Online Learning Platform


How Does Skillshare Work?

Skillshare works by offering its users lifelong video lectures and online workshops. There are more than 36000 courses available and 800000+ members.  The structure of lectures is traditional, with supplementary resources like readings, workshops, and online interactive communities. 

Although Skillshare is more focused on technical and creative learning, still you’ll find courses in all walks of life. Thus, you have an all-in-one platform to help you in your career or simply add to your hobbies.

Features of Skillshare

Shared Learning

To exploit your true potential, Skillshare provides you with a shared learning experience. You feel like you’re in a standard classroom with other students. You can interact with other students and exchange your views and opinions based on classes already taken by you. It helps in learning fast and with ease.

A community of people who want to learn the same topic as you help you stay motivated. Even you can learn from other people apart from learning on your computer and mobile phone. Further, you can turn it into networking opportunities. Various topic-wise groups exist to help you share, collaborate, and more.

Seamless Instructional Functionality

What if you’re an instructor and want to sell your courses on Skillshare? Well, the good news is Skillshare is very cooperative with teachers and creators. You’ll find that creating courses and selling them on Skillshare is straightforward. 

Additionally, the Skillshare support team is always there to help you pass each step, from creating courses to advertising and getting paid. Thus you can cash the opportunity of selling courses online with Skillshare.

Technical Specifications

Skillshare is offered on the web as well as on Android and Ios devices. Also, there exists an app to make Skillshare accessible to you. You can take classes both on a computer and mobile devices. To offer a seamless experience, Skillshare is integrated with Mailchimp, Adobe, Bigcartel, inVISION, Quirky, and more. 

Skill Tags Feature

Skill Tags are one very beneficial feature of Skillshare that helps instructors mark their courses with a specific skill. They list their courses based on which skill they teach. Thus, it allows students to locate specific courses as they scroll down the search bar. Therefore it makes the process easier. If you’ve time, you can learn multiple courses on a single topic.

Skillshare Prices

Skillshare pricing is simple. For new users, it offers a 7-day free trial. So, anyone unfamiliar with the platform can utilise these seven days to learn the know-how of the platform. Also, Skillshare offers some free classes. However, the free version is ad-supported and doesn’t allow you to access supporting material. 

Next on Skillshare pricing is the premium membership of $159 per user per year. After subscription, you can access all courses and relevant material anywhere and anytime. Also, it removes ads and opens up all features and functionalities. In addition, you can enjoy many other freebies like discounts on Adobe, Squarespace, Shutterstock and more.

Skillshare Affiliate Program

Brand Ambassadors at Skillshare get commissions upon any referral or sharing of unique creative content. The ambassador receives a 40% commission for each referral, which is $67. In addition, publishers and Ambassadors get a link to share content and classes of Skillshare. You can use this link on your website, social media posts, and blog. 


Pros and Cons


  • Variety of content topics
  • Optional community interactions and projects
  • Some free courses


  • Poor feedback from other learners
  • No guarantee that instructors participate in community learning

Final Thoughts

If you aim to learn or create and sell courses online, Skillshare is the right platform for you. It offers an all-in-one toolset and integration options to make the best out of your online learning and teaching. You can entertain students globally with much ease and flexibility compared to other platforms. 

Whether a new or experienced educational professional, you can use this opportunity to broaden your influence. Don’t forget to mention your thoughts in the comment section. Also, stay connected for more updates. Visit somquestblog to learn more.

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