Rakuten TV: Best Transactional Streaming Service to Consider in 2022

Do you want a flexible streaming service that is cost-effective and flexible in payment options? Rakuten TV is the best choice for you to watch the on-demand 4K quality content. Thus, it is a way to get rid of TV Licenses that many people want to achieve. 

Rakuten TV: Best Transactional Streaming Service to Consider in 2022

Hence, you can watch content from famous studios worldwide with a mobile in your hand. You can subscribe to or purchase content on a seasonal basis. Moreover, they have a catalog of free content. Let’s explore more about Rakuten TV, its features, pricing, and more.

What is the Service Description of Rakuten TV?

Rakuten TV offers its registered users a comprehensive catalog of services like movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other content. Also, it periodically updates content. Registered users can access one or more of the following modalities:


This service allows registered users to stream selected content for a specified period. Also, Rakuten TV allows a download option temporarily available for selected content. The period is usually 48 hours unless a different period is expressively specified.


This option permits users to stream content for unlimited time. The content is available after paying the stated price and as long as rights are available for Rakuten TV. Moreover, Rakuten TV notifies users in advance if it withdraws any content from the service. However, the content in UHD is only downloadable in HD.


Registered users can purchase some content even before its availability in the service. The company will charge the full content price at the pre-order time. On the other hand, users can access content as soon as it is available. Also, users can withdraw their pre-order 14 calendar days before the streaming date of the content.

Marketplace Subscription

This service allows users to subscribe to one or more channels at a fixed monthly price. Users can access all the content of chosen channel without any time or limit. To subscribe to a particular channel, you must be a registered Rakuten TV user. Also, you need to enter a valid payment method.

Rakuten TV App

Like Netflix and other on-demand services, the Rakuten TV app helps you easily watch your favorite content. Also, you can download the app using Google Play Store or Apple App Store, depending upon your device. Although it’s not perfect, it is better than some TV apps.

Further, ads pop up frequently on the Rakuten TV app. When you wait for ads to go, it is pretty much annoying and frustrating. Additionally, you have to wait when you want to skip through a movie.

Watch this video:

Rakuten TV Features

Rakuten Tv’s wishlist function allows users to build a list based on their preferences. You can add movies and TV shows for easy access later. Moreover, it is handy for organizing viewings like Amazon Prime and Netflix. You can easily store any content using the ‘My Library’ function. Also, it automatically saves all the purchases. 

Furthermore, navigation is simple on Rakuten TV. There is a universal search bar with a drop-down menu. All the collections and genres appear there. Here, you can search for content from well-known studios is present, like Warner Bros, Disney, and Sony Pictures.

The sound and image quality of Rakuten TV are above average and device dependent. Therefore, the right components make it an excellent choice for a home cinema setup.

Rakuten TV Pricing

Rakuten TV offers digital purchases and rentals for its users. For example, we’ve checked the Drama “Equity” pricing.

To Buy: £ 2.49

To Rent: £ 2.49

                                              Source: Rakuten. tv

The payment options include a card or Rakuten Super Points Loyalty Scheme. So, spend a quid, and you’ll earn a point. However, there is no need to get excited as 1P is equivalent to one point.

One good thing about Rakuten TV is that it includes an AVOD (Advertising VOD) section. Although top-tier content has a premium price tag, its AVOD content is worth watching. That’s how you can make your weekend enjoyable with this fantastic stuff.

Device Compatibility of Rakuten TV

Support for Rakuten TV is excellent. You can access it on any browser. Search Rakuten TV on the search bar and enjoy content after logging in. Additionally, it is available on all the major innovative TV brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and Sony.

Rakuten TV is also accessible on smartphones and tablets. You can download its app from Google Playstore or iPhone App Gallery. Moreover, you can also download content for offline viewing. Furthermore, you can access Rakuten TV content on your TV via Xbox One and Chromecast.

Final Thoughts

Rakuten Tv fiercely competes with other industry joints like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Although it is not good enough, there is no reason why it cannot be in the coming years. They are backed by one of the biggest companies and will grow in the near future.

One downside of Rakuten is that instead of paying rentals, one fixed monthly fee offers more value. However, what’s worth it is that they provide an AVOD-free section so that you can see what’s available. Are you interested in exploring what will be future of Rakuten TV? We would love to know your thoughts in the comment section. Visit Somquestblog to learn more.

What is the recommended internet connection to enjoy the content of Rakuten TV?

To enjoy the content of Rakuten TV, the registered user must have an internet connection of a minimum of 3 Mbps. Moreover, to watch the content in HD, the user must have an internet connection of minimum 6Mbps.

What is included in Rakuten TV free?

Rakuten TV Free features a selection of back catalog B-movies. Moreover, its Matchday FC Barcelona fly-on-the-wall doc is available in 4K UHD. The free movies are SD and HD quality.
James Gunn’s excellent Super is only available in standard def. At the same time, the Spanish language zombie horror REC 4 Apocalypse is available in both HD and SD.

How to Sign up for Rakuten TV services?

Visit Rakuten TV’s website and click on the ‘Register’ button on the right-hand corner of the page. Next, provide a valid e-mail address to receive information about Rakuten TV. Further, you must give basic information like name, address, telephone number, and date of birth. Also, fill out a form containing a few questions.

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